Riot Pin (IDR)

Riot Pin (IDR)

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Important Note: Riot Pin (IDR) only applicant for Valorant and Legends of Runeterra(PC server)
Riot Pin (IDR) - Riot Pin IDR 45,000 Rp
Riot Pin IDR 45,000 Rp
US$ 3.04

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    US$ 3.04
    SEAGM Credits 1,379
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About Riot Pin (IDR)

Riot Pin (IDR) is a digital code that can be redeemed for coins which can be used for certain Riots Games such as Valorant and Legends of Runeterra in PC version! Players compete with a global community of millions on fast-paced strategic battlefields in Riot's games. Players can enhance their in-game experience by purchasing virtual items with coins.

How much Valorant Points for each Riot Pin (IDR)?

  • Riot Pin IDR 45,000 Rp - 375 VP
  • Riot Pin IDR 75,000 Rp - 650 VP
  • Riot Pin IDR 149,000 Rp - 1350 VP
  • Riot Pin IDR 219,000 Rp - 2100 VP
  • Riot Pin IDR 359,000 Rp - 3600 VP
  • Riot Pin IDR 739,000 Rp - 7500 VP

How to redeem Riot Pin (IDR) for Valorant and Legends of Runeterra?

  1. Enter Valorant/Legends of Runeterra with your Riot account
  2. Click on the "VP/Coins " button in the upper right corner 
  3. Click on the "Riot PIN and Codes" button in the "Select purchase method field
  4. Enter the Riot PIN code you purchased in the field at the bottom and click the "Submit" button